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All CCRE Administration and Course Enquiries

Dr Kathy Lefevere
CCRE Course Coordinator and Post Graduate Coordinator
Phone: 61 3 9496 2990 (except Wednesday)
Fax: 61 3 9496 2291


Mailing Address

Dr Kathy Lefevere
Neurosciences Building, Level 1
Repatriation Campus
Austin Repatriation and Medical Centre
Banksia Street, Gate 10
West Heidelberg Victoria 3081 Australia


How to find us

The Centre of Clinical Research Excellence in Neurosciences is a virtual centre comprising several research groups and facilities located at various sites, and an administration centre and course delivery facility.

From March 2011, the CCRE administration and course delivery facility will be located at Florey Neuroscience Institutes Austin campus, Burgundy Street, Heidelberg (in Melbourne), Victoria 3084, Australia.

Until then, the Centre is located in the Neurosciences Building (Building 3), on the Repatriation Campus of the Austin Hospital, in West Heidelberg. This is also the site of the Epilepsy Research Centre, the National Stroke Research Institute and the Brain Research Institute.

The Rehabilitation Sciences Research Centre is located at the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre Campus of the Austin Hospital, based in Kew.

The CCRE administration is curtrently at the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital


Neurosciences Building, Building 3, Banksia Street, Gate 10, West Heidelberg.

Public transport:

Train - Hurstbridge Line, Heidelberg Station - then the Austin Repat shuttle bus which departs every 15 mins from in front of the main entrance Austin Hospital from 6.20am to 6.15pm weekdays.


Bus - Runs from La Trobe University to Heidelberg Station via Waterdale Road. Metlink Bus Route Number 551 [web]

Bus - Runs from La Trobe University to Ivanhoe Station via Banksia Road. Metlink Bus Route Number 548 [web]


On-site parking, enter from main entrance Waterdale Road, Gate 9, $5/day


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