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Centre of Clinical Research Excellence

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CCRE Chief Investigators

Professor Geoffrey A. Donnan AO

MD (Melb), FRACP, FRCP (Edin)  

Director of the CCRE and Director of the National Stroke Research Institute

Research Areas:

  • Neuroimaging and clinical stroke trials including acute studies and secondary prevention. 
  • Involvement in the conduct of numerous international stroke trials as either  Chair of Steering Committee, Steering Committee Member or Chair of DSMB.

Other Positions:

  • Professor of Neurology, University of Melbourne
  • Director, Department of Neurology, Austin Health
  • Co-founder of the Australian Stroke Trials Network (ASTN)
  • Past President of the Stroke Society of Australasia
  • Past President of the Australian Association of Neurologists
  • Editorial boards of 7 international journals including Lancet Neurology, Section Editor for Stroke and Associate Editor of Cerebrovascular Diseases.

Email: gdonnan@

Geoffrey A. Donnan

Professor Samuel F. Berkovic AC


Director of the Epilepsy Research Centre

Research Areas:

  • Genetics of epilepsy (the inheritance of seizures in families and twins)
  • Drug therapy of epilepsies
  • Neuroimaging of epilepsy
  • Surgical treatment of epilepsy
  • Management of new onset epilepsy 

Other Positions:

  • Director of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Program, Austin Health
  • Scientific Director of the Brain Research Institute
  • Laureate Professor in the Department of Medicine, Austin Health/Northern Health, University of Melbourne
  • Adjunct Chair in the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery at McGill University, Montreal, Canada.
  • Honorary Neurologist, Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne
  • Past President Epilepsy Society of Australia

Email: s.berkovic@

Samuel F. Berkovic

Professor Mary Galea

PhD, BAppSci (Physio) BA, Grad Dip Physio, Grad Dip Neurosci, Grad Dip Epidemiol & Biostats, Grad Cert Clin Trials Management

Director of Rehabilitation Sciences Research Centre

Research Areas:

  • Motor control in health and disease with major focus on neurological disorders (
  • Mechanisms underlying the control of voluntary movement
  • Sensorimotor recovery following stroke
  • Development of motor function

Other Positions:

  • Foundation Chair of Clinical Physiotherapy, University of Melbourne
  • Teaches Neurosciences 2 513-648
  • Member of Neurological Research group
  • Member of Paediatric Research group
  • Member of Women’s Health Research group
  • Member of Neuromusculoskeletal Research group
  • Chairman, Editorial Board, Australian Journal of Physiotherapy

Email: m.galea@

Mary Galea

Professor Judy Parker AM

PhD (Monash), BA (Honours) (Monash) RN

Former Head of School of Nursing, University of Melbourne

Research Areas:

  • Discipline development in nursing through research and scholarship
  • Curriculum development and evaluation
  • Advanced practice and evidence based nursing
  • Organisational change and educational administration
  • Humanities and social sciences approaches to researching nursing and patient care
  • Palliative care

Other Positions:

  • Foundation  Professor of School of Nursing, University of Melbourne
  • Higher degree supervisor
  • Coordinator of Bachelor of Nursing Science Subject, 514-100, Health Nursing and Society

Email: judithp@

Judy Parker


CCRE Associate Investigators

Professor Leeanne Carey

PhD BAppSc (OccTher) Lincoln

Principal Research Fellow/Occupational Therapist, National Stroke Research Institute

Research Areas:

  • Involved in the Neuroimaging Division of research.
  • Investigating mechanisms of recovery in the motor and sensory systems post stroke.
  • Chief investigator of studies involved with development of clinical measures of sensation and investigation of the effectiveness of sensory retraining. Investigating the relationship between sensory loss and pinch grip following stroke.

Other Positions:

  • Adjunct Professor School of Occupational Therapy La Trobe University.

Email: lcarey@

Leeanne Carey

Associate Professor Julie Bernhardt

PhD (La Trobe) Masters prelim (La Trobe) BSc (Physiotherapy) (Lincoln Institute of Health Sciences)

Senior Postdoctoral Fellow National Stroke Research Institute

Research Areas:

  • Principal investigator of a large, world first trial of very early rehabilitation (AVERT) after stroke leading a multidisciplinary team aiming to determine whether very early rehabilitation is more effective in reducing death and disability in the longer term and whether this intervention is cost effective than current standard care.
  • Her PhD research focussed on the hemiplegic upper limb, and developed novel methods of testing the accuracy of observational kinematic assessment of upper limb dysfunction.

Other Positions:

  • Senior physiotherapist in the aged care rehabilitation at Austin Health
  • Physiotherapy Research Coordinator at Melbourne Health (since 1989)
  • Honorary Senior Fellow of the Department of Medicine, Austin Health
  • Honorary Senior Fellow of the School of Physiotherapy, University of Melbourne.

Email: jbernhardt@

Julie Bernhardt

Dr Anne McIntosh

PhD (Melb), Graduate Diploma Epidemiol and Biostats (Melb), BA (Swinburne), Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Nursing Certificate (Victorian Plastic Surgery Unit), RN

CCRE Research Fellow

Research areas:

  • Outcome after epilepsy surgery
  • Outcome in new onset epilepsy

Other positions:

  • Senior Lecturer School of Nursing, University of Melbourne
  • Co-supervising PhD/higher degree students from School of Nursing/Epilepsy Research Centre;
  • Co-ordinator of long-term seizure surgery follow-up: Comprehensive Epilepsy Program Austin Hospital

Email: a.mcintosh@

Anne McIntosh

Dr Cathy Said

PhD (La Trobe) B App Sci (Physio) (La Trobe)

NHMRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Rehabilitation Sciences Research Centre

Research areas:

  • Gait and balance disorders following stroke, as well as in other clinical populations
  • Prevention of falls in stroke 

Other Positions:

  • Physiotherapy Site Manager at Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital, Austin Health (Part time)
  • Member of the National Neurology Group of the Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • Member of the Australian Council of Physiotherapy Regulating Authorities (ACOPRA) Accreditation Committee.

Email: csaid@

Cathy Said


CCRE Research and Education Collaborations

More research Supervisors are available through our collaborations.


CCRE Management and Course Coordinator

Dr Kathy Lefevere

PhD (Wageningen), Grad Dip Biotech (Melb), BSc (Honours), Dip Ed (Biol Sc) (Brussels)

Course Coordinator Centre of Clinical Research Excellence
and PhD Course Convenor, Neuroscience

Email: lefevere@

Kathy Lefevere


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