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YEAR Postgraduates (all disciplines) Research Assistants Research Fellows/Associates Honours/Advanced Medical Science
2003 32 9 17 1
2004 37 14 21 2
2005 34 29 19 5
2006 43 28 23 13


Publications[2006 [2005 [2004 | 2003]


Original peer reviewed publications

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Book Chapters

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Original peer reviewed publications

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Grants 2006 2005 | 2004 | 2003]


  • 2006 – 2009 John T Reid Charitable Trusts $360,000 Clinical Genetics of Epilepsy Berkovic SF
  • 2006 ANZ Medical Research and Technology $20,000 A functional brain imaging study of prism adaptation treatment for spatial inattention following stroke Mattingly JB, Chapman H, Carey LM, Williams M
  • 2006 Austin Health & Medical Research Foundation $10,000 Imaging neuroplasticity of touch in late stages of recovery after stroke Carey LM
  • 2006-2010 NHMRC Project Grant -386201 $2,820,228 (over 5 years) Improving outcome after stroke: A large, multicentred, randomised controlled trial of very early mobilisation (AVERT) Dewey H, Bernhardt J, Donnan GA, Thrift A, Carter R, Lindley R
  • 2006 Harold and Cora Brennan Benevolent Trust $20,000 PET Scanner Black Box Donnan GA
  • 2006 Windermere Foundation $15,000 New onset epilepsy: early syndrome classification and long term seizure outcome McIntosh A
  • 2006 Austin Hospital Medical Research Foundation $10,000 Outcome after a first seizure: commencement and withdrawal of anti-epileptic medication and implications for seizure outcome McIntosh A
  • 2006 University of Melbourne Biomedical Multimedia Unit $5,000 Gait Illustrated: an interactive teaching program Galea MP, Lythgo N, Tully E
  • 2006 Vice-Chancellor’s Advisory Group $1,500,000 Haptic and 3-D visual immersive environments Galea MP-one of 16 investigators
  • 2006-2007 Bethlehem Griffiths Foundation $28,300 Exercise-induced glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor in Parkinson’s Disease Galea MP, Griffiths R, Kotschet K, Horne M


  • 2005 – 2007 NHMRC - Project Grant $483,500
    Is EphA4 a major regulator of spinal repair?
    Boyd A, Bartlett P, Turnley A, Galea MP
  • 2005-2007 Felton Bequest $55,466
    Assessment of motor development in premature infants
    Galea MP, Eldridge B, Darrer T
  • 2005 Austin Health Medical Research Foundation $10,000
    Trips and falls: obstacle crossing in people who fall
    Said C, Galea MP, Dorevitch M, Lythgo N
  • 2005 Melbourne University $36,000
    Seizure outcome after surgery for extra-temporal epilepsy
    Anne McIntosh


  • 2004 Austin Hospital Medical Research Foundation $10,000
    Surgery for extra-temporal epilepsy
    Berkovic SF
  • 2004 Bionomics $260,000
    Genetics of epilepsy
    Berkovic SF
  • 2004 -2005 National Heart Foundation $100,000
    A randomised controlled trial of aspirin plus clopidogrel versus warfarin in the secondary prevention of stroke in patients with severe aortic arch atheroma (ARCH)
    Donnan GA
    Davis SM Hankey GJ Jones EF
  • 2004 – 2005 Multiple Sclerosis Australia $5,000
    Seeding grant- Dynamic balance intervention to improve gait and balance in people recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis: a pilot study.
    Phillips BA, Galea MP, Kilpatrick T, Martin C.
  • 2004 ANZ Medical Technology Grant $15,000
    Equipment grant
    Galea MP
  • 2004 NHMRC $17,464
    Major Equipment Grant
    (Powerlab EMG System)
    Galea MP
  • 2004 National Heart Foundation $115,273
    A very early rehabilitation trial, Phase 2 safety and feasibility study
    Bernhardt J
    2004 Affinity Health $50,000
    A very early rehabilitation trial, Phase 2 safety and feasibility study
    Dewey H, Bernhardt J
  • 2004 Austin Health Medical Research Foundation $7,765
    AVERT, Phase 2
    Bernhardt J
  • 2004 – 2006 NHMRC – Project Grant $334,700
    Brain adaptation associated with spontaneous and training-induced recovery of touch sensation post stroke
    Carey LM Abbott DF


  • 2003 NHMRC Program Grant $1,645,000
    Epilepsy: a collaborative research program form genome to patient
    Berkovic, S
    Scheffer, I Reutens, D
  • 2003 Austin Hospital Medical Research Fund $10,000
    Seizure outcome after surgery for extra-temporal epilepsy (continuation)
    Berkovic, S McIntosh, A
  • 2003 NHMRC Strategic Reserve Fund - Systems of Care for Chronic Diseases $196,110
    Evaluation of a multidisciplinary collaborative care model for vascular disease
    Colagiuri S Donnan G Knight J Tonkin A Burke H Lyle D
  • 2003 National Heart Foundation $50,000
    Stroke Thrombolysis: Extending the time window with MRI.
    Davis SM Donnan G Tress B Parsons M Butcher K Levi C Chalk J
  • 2003 – 2007 NHMRC Program Grant – 251525  $5,725,000
    Translational Research in Stroke
    (Contains ARCH 154611 and NEMESIS 154600 from 2003)
    Donnan G
    Davis SM Hankey GJ Howells DW
  • 2003 NH&MRC Major Equipment Grant $80,000
    Vicon 460 Motion Analysis System
    Galea MP
    , Donnan GA, Woodward M, Brown D
  • 2003 -2005 NH&MRC Project grant $305,490
    Pelvic floor muscle training for the management of urinary incontinence in elderly women: a randomised controlled trial.
    Galea MP, Carey M, Bird M, Sherburn M
  • 2003 Arthritis Australia $10,000
    A targeted strengthening program for patients following hip replacement
    Galea MP
    , Weller R, McMeeken JM
  • 2003 Hugh Williamson Foundation $20,000
    Vicon 460 Motion Analysis System
    Galea MP
  • 2003 Austin Hospital Medical Research Foundation $5,000
    Treadmill training in stroke rehabilitation: the more the better?
    Said C
    , Galea MP, Hughes A
  • 2003 National Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Health Initiative $59,000
    A targeted rehabilitation program for patients following total hip  replacement
    Galea MP
    , Westh R, Weller R, McMeeken JM, Tully EA, Barron J
  • 2003 World Bank $685,000
    Overall Academic Leader -Central Java Sister School Program
    Parker, J.
  • 2003 Austin Medical Research Foundation. $5,000
    Brain plasticity associated with training-induced recovery of touch sensation post-stroke.
    Carey LM
  • 2002-2003 La Trobe University – Collaborative grant scheme $21,398Changes in sites of brain activity associated with training-induced recovery of touch sensation post-stroke Carey LM



Prof SF Berkovic

The Royal Society of Victoria Research Medal 2006. This award is for research published between 1999 and 2004 into any field of Human Health or Medical Sciences.

Prof SF Berkovic

Clive and Vera Ramaciotti Medal for Excellence in Biomedical Research 2006. This award is for outstanding discoveries in clinical or experimental biomedical research where the greater part of the work was conducted in Australia.

Prof GA Donnan

Shri N.P.V. Ramasamy Udayar Oration 2006, the Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute, Chennai, India 2006.

Prof GA Donnan

Distinguished Scientist Award 2006 Austin Health

Professor MP Galea

Paxinos –Watson Prize for the most significant neuroscience paper published by a full member of the Australian Neuroscience Society in the preceding 12 months (for Goldshmit et al. 2004. J Neurosci 24:10064-10073)

Dr LM Carey

NHMRC Career Development Award, 2004-2008

Dr A Brodtmann

NHMRC Australian Training Research Fellowship (Part time), 2006-2009


Dr LM Carey

Appointed as adjunct Professor, School of Occupational Therapy, La Trobe University.

Dr LM Carey

NHMRC Career Development Award, 2004-2008

Professor J Parker

Awarded Honorary Doctorate of Medicine (MD) 2005, The University of Melbourne

Professor J Parker

Appointed Professor Emeritus, The University of Melbourne, 2005.

Professor SF Berkovic

Zulch Prize for Basic Neurological Research, 2005. This international award from the Max Planck Society, Germany is for outstanding achievements in the field of basic neurological research

Professor SF Berkovic

Ambassador for Epilepsy, 2005. These awards of the Joint Executive Committee of IBE/ILAE (the international non-medical and medical epilepsy bodies) recognize outstanding achievement in the international struggle against epilepsy.

 Professor SF Berkovic

Member of the Order of Australia,for service to medicine as a neurologist, particularly in the field of epilepsy research and treatment. Queen’s Birthday Honours 2005.

 Professor SF Berkovic

Elected Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, 2005

2004 - 2003

Professor G. A. Donnan
Research Excellence Winner, Victorian Public Health Awards 2004, Department of Human Services.

Professor G. A. Donnan
Centenary Medal for contributions to society and medicine 2003.

Professor M. P. Galea
Achievement Award 2004, Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Professor L. M. Carey
NHMRC Career Development Award, 2004-2008.

Dr Julie Bernhardt
A Melbourne Extended Care & Rehabilitation Service, Research and Education Award in 2003.

Isabella Taylor, (PhD candidate) awarded Young Investigator Prize for epilepsy, Australian Association of Neurologists, May 2004.

Isabella Taylor, (PhD candidate) Young Investigator Award, Schering Multiple Sclerosis 2003

Dr Anne Abbott, Young Investigator Award, Stroke Society of Australasia 2003

Dr Velandai Srikanth, Young Investigator Award, Australian Geriatrics Society 2003

Dr Yona Goldshmit nominated for Chancellor’s Prize, University of Melbourne

Translation of research findings into practice

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Multi-disciplinary clinical research training

In 2006 CCRE Research Students completing PhD’s or Masters courses have been recognised and supported by:

ARC Linkages with Glaxo Smith Kline, Australia - Australian Postgraduate Award Industry (Sarah Velissaris)

Australian Federal Government - Australian Post Graduate Award, (Kim Miller) Rural and Remote Allied Health Scholarship (Joanne Walker)

Epilepsy Society of Australia - UCB Fellowship, (Saul Mullen) Outstanding Scientific Presentation (Sarah Velissaris)

La Trobe University , La Trobe University Postgraduate Scholarship, (Ettie Ben-Shabat)

NHMRC - Centre for Clinical Research Excellence in Neurosciences Scholarship, (Radwa Badawy, Ian Mosley, Jill Stow) Public Health Postgraduate Scholarship, (Dominique Cadilhac) Medical Postgraduate Scholarship (Henry Ma)

National Heart Foundation – travel grant (Dominique Cadilhac)

National Stroke Foundation - Educational Grants for evaluation reports to be written (Dominique Cadilhac)

Occupational Therapy Trust Fund – grant (Mary Mastos)

Pfizer - Cardiovascular Lipid Research Grant (John Ly)

Royal College of Nursing Australia -Centaur Nurses Memorial Education Trust (Jill Stow)

Royal Thai Government, Ministry of Science and Technology Royal Thai Government Scholarship, (Chesda Udommongkol)

St Vincent’s Health - St Vincent’s Health Research and Grants, (Paul Ilett)

University of Melbourne - Melbourne Research Scholarship (MRS), (Tamis Pin), Department of Medicine Travel Grant (Dominique Cadilhac)


Multi-disciplinary course in clinical research

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